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pulled of a 40 minute ergo today

…with the top score out of the four boys. I’m surprised I caught Jake, let alone beat him. Jake is 170 cm and weighs 65 kilos, and has extreme explosive power. I am 170 cm and weigh 72 kilos (down from 79 WADDUP) and don’t have much going for me. I’m also surprised i caught tom, who seems to have this ridiculous ability to keep it steady the whole way. He’s closer to 180 cm, and weighs 70 kilos.

the results;

  • Ben Klose (stroke seat) - 9667 metres.
  • Jake Bell (three seat) - 9348 metres.
  • Thomas Jensen (two seat) - 9523 metres.

I can say I’ve never felt more horrid after that. It was the first 40 minute ergo I’ve ever done, it is also the first time I’ve done any long, timed ergos in over 8 months (that last being a 20 minute at my old school) and I think perhaps if the circumstances were better I would have cracked 9700, but I’m aiming towards hitting the big 10,000 in the off season. All in all, I feel good. I’m very proud, and it was some what of a confidence boost to catch bigger boys than myself.

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